Elf, A 3D Tutorial using Poser, Vue, and Gimp

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In this video, I show you how I create a fantasy scene depicting an elf standing with a deer in a dense forest. Starting with Poser, I pose the V4 model and use the cloth room to do a couple of cloth simulations for her dress, then, also in poser, I add the deer. I’ll show you how to transfer poser characters to Vue. Then, in Vue, I construct a forest scene around the Poser Models. Finally, towards the end, I show you how to use GIMP to do a bit of post production work.

Victoria 4, the female model: http://introvertartist.com/v4
Dress: http://www.IntrovertArtist.com/Dress
Hair (Resplendent Tresses): http://introvertartist.com/resplendent-tresses
V4 Morphs++: http://introvertartist.com/V4Morphs
V4 Creature Morphs: http://introvertartist.com/V4Creature
Skin (Ornella): http://www.runtimedna.com/Ornella.html
Daz Buck: http://IntrovertArtist.com/Buck
Lyne’s Deer Remap: http://IntrovertArtist.com/LynesDeer
Vue: http://IntrovertArtist.com/Vue
GIMP: http://IntrovertArtist.com/Gimp
Smoke Brushes: http://IntrovertArtist.com/SmokeBrushes

Thanks for watching,
Daniel Eskridge

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