Using Daz Characters in Vue, A Video Tutorial

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In this video, I show you three ways to get characters from Daz Studio into an Vue scene:

The first is to export the character as an obj from Daz then import it into Vue prior to rendering.

The second is to render the character in Daz Studio, save it as a png, then use an alpha plane in Vue to include it in your scene.

The third way is to use an image editor (I use GIMP) to composite the Daz and Vue renders together.

Thanks for watching,
Daniel Eskridge

Elf, A 3D Tutorial using Poser, Vue, and Gimp

In this video, I show you how I create a fantasy scene depicting an elf standing with a deer in a dense forest. Starting with Poser, I pose the V4 model and use the cloth room to do a couple of cloth simulations for her dress, then, also in poser, I add the deer. I’ll show you how to transfer poser characters to Vue. Then, in Vue, I construct a forest scene around the Poser Models. Finally, towards the end, I show you how to use GIMP to do a bit of post production work.

Victoria 4, the female model:
Hair (Resplendent Tresses):
V4 Morphs++:
V4 Creature Morphs:
Skin (Ornella):
Daz Buck:
Lyne’s Deer Remap:
Smoke Brushes:

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Daniel Eskridge

Rigging a Complex Model in Blender 3d

In this video, I show you how to rig a complex model using a Blender 3D armature to create and underlying skeleton of bones that you can use to pose 3D character models. I also show you how to use Blender’s weight paint mode to tweak the rigging so that all the parts of the model correctly move with the rig.

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The Leaving, a Digital Art Lesson

In this video, I give a digital art lesson that takes you from start to finish on how I created my artwork “The Leaving” using a variety of digital 3D rendering and painting techniques. Not only do I show you how I made it, but also, I touch on how to sell and market prints of it.

In this lesson/tutorial I’ll cover some of the following topics:

Creating a seascape in Vue
Posing a figure in Poser
Using the cloth room in Poser
Transferring Poser figures to Vue
Using Photomatix to enhance the colors of your digital art
Uploading artwork to
Using Hootsuite to schedule Facebook posts and Tweets

Victoria 4, the female model:
Margot Medieval Clothes, the dress:
Desir Hair:
HMS Victory:

Thanks for watching,
Daniel Eskridge