Whale, A 3D Tutorial using Scuptris, Blender3d, Vue, and Gimp

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In this video I show you how I create an aquatic scene depicting a sperm whale. Starting with sculptris, I sculpt and paint the whale model. In Blender3D, I rig and pose that model, and in Vue I construct an underwater scene featuring the whale model. At the end, I show you how you can upload art to FineArtAmerica and make it available for sale.

Blender: http://IntrovertArtist.com/Blender
Scuplptris: http://IntrovertArtist.com/Sculptris
Vue: http://IntrovertArtist.com/Vue
GIMP: http://IntrovertArtist.com/Gimp
Bubble Brush: http://IntrovertArtist.com/Bubbles
FineArtAmerica.com: http://IntrovertArtist.com/FAA

Thanks for watching,
Daniel Eskridge

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