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The Introvert Artist is a site all about selling art online.

Traditionally, an artist must network to sell their art.  They have to meet gallery owners, have a booth at art shows, attend parties with potential patrons, join artists’ societies, get involved at the local art center, talk to any cafe or restaurant owner who might display their artwork…the list goes on and on.  The old way of selling art requires the artist to be quite the social butterfly.

But what if you are not outgoing or chatty?  Well, now you don’t have to be.  If you are an introvert and an artist,  you can still sell your art.  The internet provides a tremendous number of ways for you to be a successful artist.

That is what this site is about: teaching those artists who don’t want to deal with all the face-to-face necessities of networking how to sell their art.

Daniel Eskridge
Me, Daniel Eskridge

A little bit about me, your host:

My name is Daniel Eskridge. I am a forty-something living in the Metro-Atlanta area — one of the few people who was actually born and raised here. I’m married and have two sons. By day, I am a senior software engineer at a small company. But, by night I am a digital artist.

I have dual degrees from the University of Georgia, one in Computer Science, the other in Fine Art. So, it seems only natural that I attempt to combine the two by producing art using a computer. Plus, I find that it’s a bit more practical than painting as it doesn’t require all of the clean up, harsh chemicals, or expensive supplies.

I’ve been selling art online for about five years now, and have learned quite a bit along the way. Now, I hope to share with you some of that knowledge. So, please enjoy The Introvert Artist.

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