Selling Your Art on Phone Cases

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Lion Phone Case
A phone case I offer though my FineArtAmerica account.
While I prefer sales of prints to be how I make money with my art online, there are alternative ways to so. One I’ve mentioned before is to use Zazzle to sell your art as designs on products such as coffee mugs and phone cases. However, not long ago, the service I use to sell prints, recently added phone cases to their offering.

They are only available through FAA’s sister site So if you send people to your art on FineArtAmerica, visitors will only see the Fine art and home decor offerings, not the phone cases. You don’t need to do anything extra to have your art appear on, it will do so automatically when you add art to FAA, but you DO need to specify mark-up’s on the phone case to have them available on Pixels. Also, if you pay the $30 a year registration, phone cases will appear on your artist web page.

Now you could just use Zazzle to offer a phone case featuring your art, but I prefer Pixels for three reasons:

  1. The User Interface on is way easier to deal with. On Zazzle, customers have to switch to “customize” mode to move and resize the image on the phone case. Pixels, on the other hand allows user to quickly and smoothly drag the image around, rotate with a drop down selection, and resize with a responsive slider.
  2. Adding products to FAA/Pixels is usually bug free where as Zazzle has horrible problems with creating products, particularly if you try to use the Quick Create tool.
  3. FAA’s fixed amount markup allows me to make a larger commission with a phone that costs the customer less. For instance, if I set a mark-up of 1$0, the case will sell for $40 on Pixels. To get $10 on Zazzle, I have to set a commission rate of 21.5% which sets the cost of the case at $48.95…that’s a 22% increase to the customer. Plus, Zazzle charges $2 more in shipping.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to just selling prints, I suggest checking out FAA’s phone case offering for makeing some money off of your art.


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